The Fuzzy Five rethinks their strategy. And according to the Bluppos, nice plushes finish last.

The Winners of the 2012 Fuzzy Five Fan Art and Fan Fic Contest!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest! All the entries were fantastic and we loved seeing/reading every single one of them!

First off, the Winner of the Fan Art Category is:

Writer Sara Ball and artist Corey Kramer, who collaborated on the comic “Cthulhu Kitty in: Freaky Fuzz-Day”! A super clever and cute idea, plus drawn really well! Congrats, Sara and Corey–you win a Squishable and a Fuzzy Five cameo!

And the Winner of the Fan Fic Category is none other than:

Colleen Flenniken, who wowed us with the adorable switcheroo story “The Fuzzy Five in: A Not-So-Fuzzy Adventure”! Cool idea and great writing, Colleen! You win a Squishable and a Fuzzy Five cameo!

Finally, in true Squishable style, we have two runners-up who will each be receiving a Micro Squishable! They are:

Carly Miller, whose jelly-bean art of the Fuzzy Five gets top marks for creativity;


Sue Stufflebeam
, whose inclusion of the mythical Squeep in her waffley fan art made us giggle!

All the awesome Fuzzy Five entries received will be proudly displayed in our Fan Art Gallery for posterity. They are:

The Fuzzy Five by Anna
Squish-Idol by Brittany
Sphere-aversary by Caroline
A Not-So-Fuzzy Adventure by Colleen
The Flying Five by Emma
The Ultimate Fuzzy Five by Eugene
Fuzzy 5
by Jessica
Fuzzy Five Comic
by Kim
Breakfast’s Surprise Birthday Party
by Maite
The Fuzzy Five
by Maria
Fuzzy 5
by Hayley
5 Scoops of Squish by Marlene
The Fuzzy Five by Ree
Seasons of Fuzzy 5 by Cydney
Fuzzy Five by Isabelle
Otto’s Day Off by Maite
Even Secret Agents Aren’t Perfect by Marica
My Little Squishy by Danielle
The Fuzzy Five and the Journey to the Center of Doo–er, Fruit by Josh
Squishy Koala by Heather
The Fuzzy Five by Alexandra
Cthulhu by Talia