Where did the Fuzzy Five come from?  Well, in the Spring of 2010 when Squishable Inc. owner Zoe was finishing her grad degree in Interactive Technology (it’s more interesting than it sounds!), we got a couple of interns to help us out around Squishy HQ (aka, our living room).  And it turned out one of them was an awesome artist.  And then Squishable-model Charles mentioned he had always wanted to write a comic.  And then Zoe got her diploma and had some free time on her hands.  And… well, you get the idea.

Anyway, this was completely unplanned. We don’t really know what we’re doing.  Hope it turns out alright.

About the Creators!

Charles D. is a guy.  Melissa Zayas is a gal.  They both have opposable thumbs, endo-skeletons and are capable of basic reasoning.

Charles is a licensed attorney, risk manager and registered barbeque judge. He is unsure why he was hired to write this by the Squishable powers that be, given that the writing of adorable cartoons about stuffed animals plays to none of his core competencies.  He is also unsure why the phrase isn’t “the powers that are,” as “powers” indicates that they (being the powers) are plural.

Melissa Zayas is a graphic artist from Brooklyn who gave up a life of potential riches to attend the School of Visual Arts. When not drawing The Fuzzy Five, she makes ads for Squishable and co-runs the online serial novel Three of Swords. She likes to drink Earl Grey and contemplate life in the 19th century while drawing spherical chickens. Her portfolio can be seen here.