Fuzzy Five to go on Hiatus!

Fans wail in the streets; contract negotiations to blame

Celeb Scoop – August 20, 2012

Authorities are urging members of the webcomic fan community to think happy thoughts and refrain from tearing out their hair after Artist Melissa Zayas and Writer Charles D. announced yesterday that The Fizzy Five would be going on hiatus. The hugely popular weekly strip focuses on the adventures of five Squishables and their human (and vampire) owners in the scenic but fictional town of Fluffton.

Sources close to the comic tell Celeb Scoop that the hiatus came about after Randall Cooningham, who plays Nightshade, refuses to continue participating in the Fuzzy Five pending the results of contract talks.

According to one tentacled source, Cooningham wants his own trailer. “Not just that, he wants Nutella, fluff and raspberry jam on thin mint sandwiches delivered every hour, on the half hour. Why hasn’t his agent told him that we don’t even have a real set for him to park a trailer next to!” Cooningham did not answer requests for comment, as his mouth was full.

This morning, Charles D. issued a press release assuring Fuzzy Five fans that the strip will be back in the future. “In the meantime, our fans should know that we love them very much and that life will go on. The sun will rise, the birds will sing and there are plenty of other things on the Internet with which to waste your time,” wrote Mr. D.  ”We will return.”