Hello dear readers, this is your friendly neighborhood Fuzzy Five artist speaking! Charles (writer) thought you might be interested in seeing how an average FF comic is created. So without further ado….

1. Charles’s script. These were hard to get used to, but I think we’ve worked out a pretty good method of translating his script to my style of drawing. Also, the two of us can discuss important things such as whether the Squishables should be required to wear pants.

2. The sketch. I draw this on (technical stuff alert) Strathmore Smooth Bristol with a mechanical pencil with 0.7 lead. Then I scan it and send to Charles, who can then inform me whether my drawing matches his vision. Usually it does, except with more funny faces.

3. The inks. 0.5, 0.3, and 0.8 Micron pens and black fine-point Sharpies. (And a ruler.) I make a lot of mistakes at this point but once it’s scanned into Photoshop…what mistakes?? You didn’t see anything.

4. Flat colors. Maybe one day I’ll explain technically how this works, but I basically just color in everything the right colors.

5. Shades and speech bubbles. Shading and shining and special effects! Bet you thought you were going to see the dialogue ahead of time, didn’t you? Ha!

~Melissa Z.