Fuzzy Five Classics #2: The Great Gatsby. Starring Nightshade!

Hello dear readers! As you may have noticed, summer is here and our first arc of Fuzzy Five has ended! Our heroes have escaped the S.M.A.N. for now, but will the agency retaliate? Is the Waffletorium truly safe again? Will Nina Jr. ever get to live her dreams of being a secret agent? All will be revealed in the fall, when the second arc of Fuzzy Five continues!

In the meantime, we’ll be posting some fun pinup series (Fuzzy Five Literary Classics) as well as some short comic stories featuring the Fuzzy Five and their humans (the Fuzzless Five?). Updates will be once a week on Mondays until we resume regular postings in the fall.

*Speaking of which, if you’re going to be at Otakon in Baltimore, MD this weekend (July 29-31), don’t forget to stop by the Squishable booth (Booth IND22 & 23)! Not only will there be tons of adorable cuddly Squishables to buy (including some of our heroes!) but you can also get yourself some FF swag like buttons and posters!

*BONUS* If you come up to me (Melissa) and tell me the first name of the suspender-wearing antagonist who held Nina Jr. captive, I’ll give you a free sketch of the FF character of your choice! I’m the one with the curly blondish-brownish hair and bug eyes. Hope to see you there!*

Fuzzy Five artist