Nina Jr.’s List of Possible Conspiracies

Updated 10/10/2011

1. Printer toner is so expensive because each cartridge contains a scanner that records what you print and sends it to Cuba via encrypted shortwave radio.

2. Arnold Palmer did not actually invent the Arnold Palmer.

3. The cast of Flavor of Love Season 4 engaged in a brilliant psy-ops plan to convince the world that they are not a group of international terrorists … “Hey, what’s the blonde one with the tattoos doing outside of the nuclear plant with the one whose weave she yanked out in the finale?” ¬†”Oh, probably just some more weave-pulling, nothing to worry about.”

4. Manitoba.

5. Crops on FarmVille – where do they go after harvest? ¬†Occam’s razor says they go to aliens.

6. Scientologists are fixing this year’s Daytime Emmy Awards.