DontBlameMeMyParentsWereHippies: So where are my Skittles?
MeredithByMoonlight: hey sunshine
I kinda forgot
things got real weird real quick out here
DontBlameMeMyParentsWereHippies: Riiiiiiiiiiight
and the talking stuffed rooster and college girl in the pink convertable was just another day at the office for u?
MeredithByMoonlight: just another day at the office?  when did you turn 40?
DontBlameMeMyParentsWereHippies: shaddup mere!
So, bout those skittles?
MeredithByMoonlight: I still have your precious dollar and I PROMISE I’ll get your skittles as soon as this little adventure is over…
speaking of which, would u ever date a vampire?
 DontBlameMeMyParentsWereHippies: trueblood universe or twilight universe?
MeredithByMoonlight: prolly closer to true blood
can’t be in sunlight
doesn’t sparkle
DontBlameMeMyParentsWereHippies: tough one
true blood vamps are scarier
and if the stuff they do is anything like what sex is actually like, im becoming a nun
but with TB vamps you do get the days to yourself
and they seem… cultured
MeredithByMoonlight: i’m thinking more or less tru blood rules but without the monologues or super-strength
not totally sure
DontBlameMeMyParentsWereHippies: worst of both wrlds.
why do you care? i thought we were becoming hipsters
date them instead – also pale creatures of the night who inexplicably dont have jobs
MeredithByMoonlight: i’m still on board for that
just thought of some awesome new tat ideas for us
maybe tattoo from fantasy island
saying ‘de plane! de plane1″
DontBlameMeMyParentsWereHippies: ive never heard of that show
MeredithByMoonlight: exactly
its called irony
note to self, look that word up
ok, gotta run