When the Fuzzy Five started in October, I didn’t know that it would go this long or that I’d ever reach back to the very first panel of the strip.  But, thanks to our wonderful readers and the good folks at Squishable (go buy yourself a Breakfast!), Melissa and I are still churning out comic strips for you good folks.

Since we’ve now gone back to the “present,” it’s worth noting that the storyline as you’ve seen it takes some chronological leaps and goes back and forth between various plotlines. In my role as Keeper of the One True Fuzzy Five Canon, I will take this opportunity to fill in some gaps.

- Though there was no Firefly musical, Claire was discovered by a casting agent at LAX and pitched the role of a young Sarah Palin in a TV movie.  She declined.

- I hear that since his appearance on the Fuzzy Five, notable Canadian Justin Bieber has become quite famous stateside. Good for him.

- The charges against Breakfast were dropped after his attorney successfully convinced the arresting officer that he would tell his buddies from the Police Academy that he had been beaten up by a round, plush rooster.  The attorney has yet to be paid.

- Despite Dr. Liu’s efforts to dry her out and spot wash with warm water, Spirit still smells a little bit like lemonade.  This isn’t an entirely bad thing.

- Sunshine is still waiting for those Skittles.