Meet the Cast

Otto van Cuddlesburger is played by Mr. Pink of Shaker Heights, Ohio.  Since learning that he was named after Steve Buscemi’s character in Reservoir Dogs, he has wanted to break into acting. “The lack of roles for non-menacing, non-swimming octopi made me think about quitting several times,” says Pink. He stuck it out and eventually got his big break playing a stuffed animal in the closet of Maria Castro, the teenage lead in the hit telenovela Los Amores de la Gente Bonita.

Nina Jr. is played by by Gingerbread of Petaluma, California.  Though she plays a narwhal in Fuzzy Five, she is actually a Squishable Android who spends four hours each day in a makeup chair in preparation for each bi-weekly installment.

Breakfast T. Chicken is played by H.R. Cluckinstuff of Totowa, New Jersey.  More familiar with working backstage, Cluckinstuff was forever banished from live theatre for his careless work securing harnesses in Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark. We still dig him.

Spirit is Britnee’s real-life fuzzy companion and plays herself in the Fuzzy Five.  They are both natives of Fluffton and frequent the Pancakethanon, the restaurant on which the Waffletorium is based.  Spirit is most proud of opening the first fully-automated abattoir in all of Farmville.

Nigtshade is played by Randall Cooningham of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  He was discovered when his owner spent a semester as an exchange student in Manila.  Since raccoons are not native to the Philippines, his exotic looks quickly grabbed the public’s attention.  Cooningham has starred in several ad campaigns there, most notably as Raccoonino, a lovable forest creature who scours the town for unguarded buckets of Happychick brand fried chicken.