It’s me again, your Fuzzy Five artist Melissa. Charles is away and has turned over the reins to me for now, and after a brief consideration, I realized that for your sakes, I’d best steer clear of trying to match Charles’s excellent blog posts. As you may know, he is the one who follows the adventures of all our Squishy heroes, observing everything and preserving specimens for posterity. (He’s actually in every strip–you just don’t see him because he always stands just out of view of the camera.) Then he writes it all down and hands it over to me. I’ve begged and begged to be allowed to accompany him on one of his missions, but he says Ominous Mountain is no place for the faint of heart. I’m inclined to agree…Fighting Pandas sound dangerous, I’m unfamiliar with liberal arts colleges and Azrael, my Squishable Hedgehog, might be kidnapped.

I do, however, love waffles, so it’s rather disappointing.

It’s all right, though. I get to be surprised with the Fuzzy Five’s adventures each week. Take today’s strip, for instance. Otto behaves just as anyone would (falling rocks would send me packing), but Breakfast’s unflappable (haha) courage is astonishing! I did some research into Breakfast’s ancestry, and though Who Do You Think You Are? refused to pick the segment up, I learned a good deal. For example, did you know Breakfast’s great-great uncle on his mother’s side was…a DUCK? And after learning that Sir Eggbert MacCluck, an ancestor of Breakfast’s, rode into battle beside William Wallace, I’m less shocked at Breakfast’s pluck (haha). After learning all that, I wouldn’t be surprised if Breakfast showed up in a comic wielding a claymore. (But wouldn’t that be awesome, Charles?? No? Really.)

Enjoy today’s comic! And we’ll all be looking forward to the Return of Charles next week.