BREAKING: We have winners in the Fuzzy Five Funtest!

MeredithByMoonlight: HEY SUNSHINE!!!
u around?
DontBlameMeMyParentsWereHippies: Yep. W’zup?
MeredithByMoonlight: so I was thinking about what the rooster said
DontBlameMeMyParentsWereHippies: wait
where are you? where are my skittles?
MeredithByMoonlight: i;m on my droid, going to the omsu dorms
DontBlameMeMyParentsWereHippies: ugh. i wanted those skittles. u owe me $1
And did I see a talking rooster?
MeredithByMoonlight: you did – long story
but anyway, the rooster was right
we’re going to college soon
and I want a chance to start fresh
DontBlameMeMyParentsWereHippies: so this means you regret making out with alex at the ministry of eternal dread concert?????
MeredithByMoonlight: no comment
DontBlameMeMyParentsWereHippies: for someoen who considers herself an antisocial reject, ur such a flirt
MeredithByMoonlight: come on sunshine, i’m trying to be serious
we have an opportunity to be something completely different when we go to college
no more being rejects
and this corset is killing me!
DontBlameMeMyParentsWereHippies: i’m not going to college. i’m joining a coven
MeredithByMoonlight: ur going to brandeis just like your dad and u kno it1
DontBlameMeMyParentsWereHippies: dont remind me
but yeah, ill play along
MeredithByMoonlight: so i figure we can eliminate groups that have prerequesites. cant just show up for orientation and get onĀ the basketballĀ team
so not jocks
DontBlameMeMyParentsWereHippies: or most varieties of nerd
if u arent in AP calc now, u wont be a premed nerd who never leaves the library
MeredithByMoonlight: dang, that would have been perfect for maintaining my skin tone
DontBlameMeMyParentsWereHippies: u r suited to the goth look, gotta admit
MeredithByMoonlight: yah. and i like all the snaps, zippers and buttons
DontBlameMeMyParentsWereHippies: outdoorsy adventure type?
they have buttons and zippers
MeredithByMoonlight: i go from deathlike pallor to the color of tandoori chicken after 30 minutes of direct sun.
why do u think we hang out behind the kwik n stale?
DontBlameMeMyParentsWereHippies: right. theater techs wear lotsa black. theyre a social group…
MeredithByMoonlight: when have you ever seen me do physical labor?
DontBlameMeMyParentsWereHippies: that cosplay stuff you sewed for otakon?
MeredithByMoonlight: hmmm. right. ill write that down
DontBlameMeMyParentsWereHippies: the rooster mentioned something about being a hipster
MeredithByMoonlight: its an option. less bathing certainly. and ive always wanted to start a tumblr.
DontBlameMeMyParentsWereHippies: we can be hipster chicks together
share headbands
make out with dudes with beards and fixie bikes
and tats tats tats
MeredithByMoonlight: yes! lots of tats. ironic ones too
DontBlameMeMyParentsWereHippies: just pick a passing meme and ink away
MeredithByMoonlight: or just go random
a can of baked beans
or a map of the berlin subway
DontBlameMeMyParentsWereHippies: ooh ooh got a good one
just the word “helvetica”
but in courier
on the back of your neck
MeredithByMoonlight: perfect. its settled then
we will be hipsters
DontBlameMeMyParentsWereHippies: wait, what about preppies? sorority girls?
MeredithByMoonlight: smile too much. and the popped collars would hide the helvetica tatt
DontBlameMeMyParentsWereHippies: you wouldnt get that tatt if you were preppy, silly
if u dont like that, what about being political?
MeredithByMoonlight: like the fluffton high republicans?
they circulate a petition whenever a gay person comes up in class
DontBlameMeMyParentsWereHippies: Oscar Wilde… who knew?
MeredithByMoonlight: right?
even in geometry with that word problem that had two dudes
in the pic, one had a mustache and the other had tight pants
but it was clear they were just coworkers at the tetrahedron factory
DontBlameMeMyParentsWereHippies: no, totes lame
and the lefties are no better
with all those boycotts, the only place left to hang out is by the dumpster behind the organic co-op.
hey hey
ho ho
something or other has got to go!
we’re at the dorm. gotta run
ttyl sunshine!
DontBlameMeMyParentsWereHippies: lol
ok, later hipster.