The other day, someone asked @squishable on Twitter why Otto was so shocked that Claire thought he was a toy (Bee Tee Dubs, we have our own Twitter feed).

Good question.

Think about Otto’s situation – arriving in a new place in a big box, unaware of your surroundings or of what is expected of you.  In a lot of ways, it’s like going to college, and not just because he was literally going to a college (go Fightin’ Pandas!).  Do you let your freak flag fly on day one, or do you feel it out to see what it takes to get along before letting your hair down?

On one hand, playing it safe keeps you from alienating people and getting to a comfort level where they can eventually become acquainted with the real you.  On the other hand, playing it safe on day one invites playing it safe on day two, day three, day four and on and on.  Next thing you know, it’s graduation and you haven’t even tried to talk to anyone who shares your interest in ’70s D-Grade horror flicks.  There just isn’t enough corn syrup and red dye in the world to make up for missing out on that opportunity.

As much as I’d like to be on the side of unfettered individuality and self-expression at all times, I think both sides have valid points.  Sometimes, it’s the considerate thing to tread cautiously and wait a little while to relax.  Everybody is just as out of their element as you are.  The comfort of go-along-get-along can help break down barriers and make those around you more accepting of your weird and wonderful side when you do choose to show it.  It’s a balance that everyone has to figure out for themselves at one point or another.

So a question to the Fuzzy Five community: do you think that Otto should have talked to Claire immediately in strip #2 at the risk of freaking her out and making her think she had a Chuckie on her hands, or was he right to stay mum and be the adorable, round, fuzzy stuffed animal that she expected and came to love?  Do you think that Otto has a “job” to be a Squishable, or should he have stood up for himself right out of the box and demanded his personhood and the right to do his thing even when she is awake to see it?