Claire: Hey, you around?
Erica: Hi Claire! Long time no chat.  How’s school?
Claire: Sorry. Things have been crazy around here.  How’s UVA?
Erica: I like it. Feels like a real school, u know what i mean?
Claire: No clue. My calc TA talks through a ventriloquist’s dummy. i should have applied to more colleges.
Erica: Oh well, make the most of it … and maybe VISIT me in C’Ville this semester?
Claire: I’d love to, but i just busted my travel budget for like the next two years
Erica: already? how?
Claire: You know how I feel about Joss Wheadon and pretty much anything he does, right?
Erica: i think the whole town remembers when you thought you were in dollhouse and had your real identity downloaded to a hard drive
Claire: i know i know.
to be fair it had just been cancelled and i was v. emotionally fragile
anyway, i saw a flyer for a firefly musical
open tryouts in Hollywood
Erica: you didn’t go. no way.
Claire: yes i did.
Erica: how was it?
Claire: first of all, in-n-out burger is all everyone says it is and more
i was surprised how out of the way the getty museum is
but there WAS NO AUDITION!!!
Erica: for a musical based on a movie and a tv show that were commercial flops
if spiderman can’t make it on broadway, firefly??? rly?
Claire: I should have known because the flyer was all in comic sans
Erica: nothing that matters is ever written in comic sans
Claire: well now im back and never making that mistake again
Erica: good.  how’s things otherwise?  any boys?
Claire: nope, just me and Otto
Erica: otto?
Claire: he’s a squishable octopus.  i’ll send you a pic
Erica: sweet, gotta run. the boys upstairs want to go to the sticks and steal road signs
so u kno i can;t miss that
Claire: sometimes i swear i hear him talk behind my back
oh ok kewl