T’was the night before before Christmas and all through the dorm;

All the students were home, well-fed and warm;

Old books were sold back to the  bookstore with glee,

They did all that cramming for only a B.

No person was there to hazard a guess,

As to whether there would be seasonal guests.

When then from the lounge, a sound louder than Uggs,

Tracking snow on the worn-out institutional rugs.

This rattle was unheard by undergrad ears,

But lo, their round stuffed companions could hear.

Otto the octopus ran to the door,

to see what all that loud noise was for;

he scuttled down the hall swift as a horse,

(well, as fast as a stuffed and a round one of course);

When what to his plastic eyes should appear,

but Santa himself and a team of reindeer.

“Don’t worry, I walked them,” Saint Nick said aloud,

“And should accidents happen, it will come right out.

We’ve got some new reindeer since that poem was written,

And I’m going to list them, so Otto, please listen.

There’s Runner and Raver and Skipper and Vixen,

And Star, Matchmaker, Donder and Dixon.”

Otto looked at Saint Nick as if he were joking,

‘Bout knock offs whose names he was just now invoking.

He explained the old ones asked too much per season;

‘cept dumb Vixen and Donder, who went in for a fleecin’.

“Hey Otto, you’re fluffy, but it’s time to go,

There’s cookies in it for me, you do know.”

With that he lead the new reindeer to the door,

as he flew up in the sky, he said one thing more:

“Happy Christmas to all and not much rhymes well with Squishable!”