Central Casting, Hollywood, CA

Villain Request Form (BAD-287)

To provide you with the best antagonist for your storytelling needs, please fill this form out carefully and return it to our offices at your earliest convenience.


__ Power
__ Money
__ The Girl
__ Victory on a reality show (the “not here to make friends” villain)

Tip-off Physical Characteristic:

__ Swarthiness
__ Scar
__ Russian accent
__ Always sits behind a very large desk
__ Is Jack Nicholson

Power(s) (check all that apply):

__ Political influence
__ Doomsday bomb/computer virus/pathogen
__ Owns a large gun
__ Has an app for that


__ Generic military
__ Victorian schoolboy
__ Beekeeper hat
__ Power suit, power tie, BlackBerry


__ Family-owned sweatshop shut down by OSHA
__ Not hugged enough as a child
__ Finished second to your hero in 1992 Manitoba Amateur Curling Championship
__ Used to host a popular morning TV show in a mid-sized city before they hired that $%@#& Tanya

Fatal Flaw:

__ Says his/her fatal flaw is that “I’m too much of a workaholic” at evil cabal job interviews
__ Not impervious to fire/bombs/taser/flattery (circle one)
__ Sensitive about double chin
__ Small duct in planet-size warship that will blow up the whole thing if struck “just so.”

Humanizing Character Aspect:

__ From New Jersey
__ Loves pet ferret vewwy, vewwy much
__ Cried during The Notebook
__ Not human (N/A)