Writing a long-ish story (yes, there’s still plenty more) made me contemplate some of the timeless themes of storytelling.  As you know, we’ve been in a flashback for a while up until today. I was a journalist in a previous life, and the essence of my job was combining (hopefully true) stories people tell me with other facts I find into a large (once again, hopefully true) story.

From my experience, flashbacks are a terrible way to tell a story in real life.

From TV and movies, we know that flashbacks are usually something people have to shake you out of, so were a source to mumble or worse, silently genuflect over the phone while I waited, I couldn’t even grab them by the shoulders and bring him or her back to the real world.  Thus, were Fuzzy Five more realistic, it would look like this:

(With apologies to Melissa the Illustrator)