Today’s strip reminds me of something an English teacher taught me many years ago. She said that every story can be boiled down to three different types of plot: man against man, man against nature and man against himself.

She’s right when you boil it down, but only to the extent that whether you’re boiling down anything from spaghetti to your leftover Halloween candy, it becomes mushy and unappealing. Out there in the great wide literary world, we have Man v. Parking, Man v. Sumerian Assembler Code and Man v. 1987 Toyota Camry Wagon and all sorts of other epic battles.

I’m just kidding about that last one – my ‘Yota served me well until that sad day when I found out that the cost of new brakes was greater than the cost of the car itself and it had to be hauled away by some sort of children’s charity. I can only assume that it is now being used by sickly children to drive themselves to the doctor. Or, in the case of doctors situated at the bottom of hills, right past them.

But I digress.

When I started working on the Fuzzy Five, I had the same problem as Nina Jr. has in this strip. Everyone has to go toe to toe with someone or something, even if it’s just fear itself (which, incidentally, was the only thing FDR was really afraid of). Later on, you’ll see what the Five are up against, but for now, a question: what’s your “Man (or Woman) versus” story?